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    Cathy Richardson came to the art of making glass paperweights indirectly. She was originally from northern Virginia and worked in science for many years. She moved to Boston in the late 1960s, and earned a BA from Boston University (1971), and a Masters and Phd in geology from Harvard. She worked as a research geochemist at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, where she and her husband raised two children, her son Colin, now also working with paperweights.
    In 1987 after a funding cut eliminated her job Cathy turned her stained glass hobby into a business. Ten years later the family moved to Bowling Green, Ohio where she enrolled in the glass program at the University there. In 2000 they returned to Winona, MN where she opened her own studio. By the next year she had a furnace and full scale studio, allowing her to further develop her lampworking and encasing skills. 
    She has continued to embrace excellence by studying with experts such as Loren Stump and Chris Buzzini. A trip to the GAS conference in Australia a few years ago gave her a first hand look at the Great Barrier Reef. The dominant motifs in her paperweights, marine life and forest scenes continue to reflect her love of nature. Her husband, who is now retired, helps her in the studio when needed. Her son, Colin, who had worked with her, is now married and has his own studio in Burnsville, MN where he makes fine weights.

This seascape by Cathy Richardson is a nice, clean, scene featuring three bright orange fish swimming over a variety of corals and sea plants.. It is signed & dated 2020 on the side, and marked "1 of 1" to indicate it is a one of a kind artist's proof.

3 1/8" diameter.


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