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    Kenneth Paul Rosenfeld was born in Los Angeles, California on January 21, 1950. He now resides with his wife Marilyn and has his studio close to Portland, Oregon. Ken received a BA degree in art in 1972 from the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he majored in ceramics. His first exposure to blowing glass came in 1973 while he was pursuing a graduate degree at Southern Illinois University. Ceramics were soon forgotten, as he spent his time and energy learning to blow glass. 
    After school Ken worked for five years at Correia Art Glass in Santa Monica, California. While there he gained valuable glassworking experience: but not content with the limits of production glass, he looked forward to the day he could pursue his own artistic ambitions. Seeing lampwork paperweights as the “ultimate glass challenge”, Ken proceeded to learn all he could about them. In 1981, wanting to meet the leading lampwork artists and see the best work that was being done, he attended the Paperweight Collectors’ Association Convention in New York City.
    Ready to follow his dream, in 1983 Ken left Correia and established his own studio to begin making lampwork paperweights. While setting up his studio and experimenting with lampwork, he worked for a few months at a scientific glasshouse, where he was “greatly influenced by their advanced techniques and sophisticated equipment”. Most of Ken’s weights feature large colorful bouquets of stylized flowers, which may be arranged on a clear ground or over a transparent, translucent or opaque colored ground. Rosenfeld draws on a strong background in art and production studio glass to create his lampwork weights. A mature artist, his style and colors are distinct, uniquely his.
    Excerpted from The Dictionary of Glass Paperweights, Paul H. Dunlop, Papier Presse 2009.