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​    John H. Deacons was born on September 12, 1950 in Crieff, Scotland, where he still lives with his wife Anne. They have two grown sons Craig and John. Deacons learned the basics of glassblowing working at Strathearn starting in 1967. The following year he left with Stuart Drysdale when Stuart formed Perthshire Paperweights. Here he developed the skills needed to make fine paperweights. After more than a decade at Perthshire he left in 1978 to start his own small glassworks. 
    He named his company, in Creiff, Scotland, J Glass, after the mysterious signature cane which is found in some classic period Bohemian weights. After working alone for a short while, Allan Scott, also from Perthshire, joined him in this new endeavor. J Glass made weights from 1979 through 1983, specializing in miniature flowers usually placed on a color ground or a bed of upset muslin. Bouquets, butterflies, crowns and patterned millefiori weights were also made here. A few full size weights were made during this period including a couple of nice double overlays. Each of these designs was made in an edition of 101 pieces, with John keeping one. 
    Since 1985 John has made weights using his own name. Crowns are one of his specialties. He has made a number of these with a big variety of color combinations. Most of his other weights feature flowers, set on colored grounds, a variety of filigree cushions, and even on radiating spokes of colored glass. In recent years he has made a number of millefiori weights. Deacons makes very fine double overlays, with thin, even colors. He is the only individual artist to date to make the challenging encased overlays. 
    Excerpted from The Dictionary of Glass Paperweights, Paul H. Dunlop, Papier Presse 2009.