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    Boston & Sandwich Glass Company was started in 1825 in Sandwich, Massachusetts, as the Sandwich Manufacturing Company, by Deming Jarvis. The company was incorporated the following year, 1826, and renamed Boston and Sandwich Glass Company, commonly known as Sandwich. Jarvis was born in Boston about 1790, worked as a merchant starting in 1813, then was one of the co-founders of the New England Glass Company in 1818. In 1823 he inherited $25,000, at his father’s death, and in 1825 used that money to start Sandwich. He was to start two other glassworks during his lifetime. When Sandwich was incorporated in 1826, Jarvis became the general manager. He worked there for 32 years, then resigned in 1858 and went on to start Cape Cod Glass Company. He died in 1869.
    Sandwich, mostly a maker of pressed glass, rapidly became a large company. Started with 70 workers, it employed over 500 men by 1854. Due to labor problems the factory closed in 1888. Paperweight production at Sandwich began in 1852 and continued until they closed in 1888. Sandwich had a good range of colors,but due to their liberal use of a heavy, chalky white the results are often disappointing. Millefiori canes were limited to scrambleds, a rare garland around a flower, or as a center cane in a flower or crown. 
    Most flowers from Sandwich are poinsettias, with: dark blue, sky blue, red, pink, white and violet examples known. A rose cane is used in the center of many flowers attributed to Nicholas Lutz. Imaginary flowers were also produced, two of these being uniquely American, the cruciform flower and the weedflower. Most fruit weights from Sandwich feature a number of like fruit, cherries, striped apples etc. on a clear ground with leaves.     
    Excerpted from The Dictionary of Glass Paperweights, Paul H. Dunlop, Papier Presse 2009.
This is a nice example of a very rare flower. This lighter blue poinsettia is centered in the weight like a dahlia, not set on a stem as normal. It is set on a very rare three color jasper ground; deep pink, white and sky blue, which is slightly translucent.

2 7/16"" diameter.


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